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Buying a home, property, or business, is the cornerstone of the American Dream.  Which is why it remains one of the most important life events you may ever experience.  Many times the path to homeownership is a simple and straight forward process. But at times, Buyers and Sellers find it emotional, complicated, and confusing.  At Cascade Title, you can rest assured that our Title & Escrow teams will use their experience and expertise to help simplify the process, avoid the pitfalls, and do their very best to make every escrow closing seamlessly successful.

A Tradition of Excellence

Locally owned and operated, Cascade Title Company holds seniority in Lane County as the most experienced full service title agency. Cascade’s deep roots in the community stem from its long-standing commitment to generate decisions and resources locally. At Cascade Title, quality service means more than timely and accurate searches; it means that our expert professionals examine and assess risk on a case by case basis to find the best solution and a clear path to close your real estate transactions.

Unique Records

Cascade Title houses a unique and complete set of records that can be used to trace property ownership from before the Civil War to the present. These comprehensive records enable us to prove a property’s unbroken chain of title from the federal land patent to date using the most accurate and expeditious means possible. Additionally, Cascade’s title plant is the only title plant in Lane County that is original and has never been duplicated.

Getting it Right the First Time

Real Estate transactions increasingly require tremendous technical expertise and resources. To meet these needs, Cascade Escrow maintains a state of the art computer system for closing escrow transactions. But our most valuable assets are the experience, knowledge and judgment of our professionals. Our escrow staff provides unparalleled customer service while acting as neutral, third-party handlers of the funds and documents required to buy, sell, exchange or refinance property.

Variety of Services

Cascade Escrow offers settlement services for various types of escrow transactions. Our staff members have years of experience, specializing in the closing of escrows involving commercial and residential real estate sales, refinances, personal property transfers, carry-back financing and 1031 exchange transactions. Each escrow transaction is unique, and Cascade Escrow can be relied upon to handle your specific transaction with great care and attentiveness to detail. Our professional and friendly staff strives to provide exceptional guidance, accurate documentation and comprehensive instructions to each party in the escrow transaction.

Cascade Escrow is affiliated with Cascade Title Company and Cascade Exchange Services, Inc., which comprise the Cascade Family of Companies.

Our Service Mission

Private property rights are the foundation of our economic system. Cascade Title’s mission is to see to the accuracy of property records and the orderly transfer of those property rights. Our Range Of Services include but are not limited to:

  • standard and extended coverage owner and lender policies
  • limited coverage lender policies
  • litigation guarantees
  • various property and judgment searches
  • customer service trios, real estate reports, comparable sales reports, label set requests & notices of default – to order these services online, please visit our Customer Service Department.

Place an Order

Cascade Title is dedicated to providing the finest, most convenient service possible. To place a title or escrow order with any of our offices, please click here, and the order will be electronically transmitted to our staff.

You may also use our online Customer Service Department to place an order. The Cascade Family of Companies are proud to offer listing kit trios, real estate reports, comparable sales reports, label set requests and notices of default to our customers. To order these services online, please visit our Customer Service Department.