Cascade Title Company

Established in 1950, Cascade Title is the oldest and most experienced title company in Lane County. For over 60 years Cascade Title has maintained its own title plant, which has never been duplicated or outsourced. Our title officers are committed to customer service, using their years of experience and judgment to resolve title problems quickly and accurately.

Cascade Escrow

Cascade Escrow’s staff provides unparalleled customer service while acting as neutral third party handlers of funds and documents needed to buy, sell, exchange or refinance property. Our escrow officers are experienced and capable of accommodating escrow closing requests for various types of transactions. Cascade Escrow offers settlement services for the transfer of real and personal property, seller/private financing transactions, refinances and 1031 exchanges.

Cascade Escrow Contract Collections

Established in 1990, Cascade Escrow Contract Collections is the only account servicing provider located in Lane County. Whereas most title and escrow companies outsource this function, Cascade Escrow is proud to offer local, flexible and approachable collection escrow services.

Cascade Exchange Services, Inc.

For over twenty years, Cascade Exchange Services, Inc. has offered nationwide 1031 exchange services to its clients. Taxpayers are encouraged to contact Cascade Exchange Services, Inc. for an exchange consultation to address any questions or concerns they may have concerning a tax-deferred exchange transaction.