Fee Schedule

Cascade Escrow’s Contract Collection Fees

Set Up Fee: $35.00 + $2.00 per thousand $175.00 minimum fee

Assignment/Assumption Fee: $100.00

Modification Fee: $50.00

Monthly Disbursement Fees: $12.00 up to 2 disbursements/$3.00 3rd disbursement or more

Quarterly Disbursement Fees: $20.00 up to 2 disbursements/ $3.50 3rd disbursement or more

Semi-Annual: $25.00 up to 2 disbursements/$3.50 3rd disbursement or more

Annual: $40.00 up to 2 disbursements/$7.50 3rd disbursement or more

Monthly Receipt: $1.00 per receipt

Annual Reserve Fee: $70.00 tax or insurance reserve/$100.00 tax and insurance reserve

Returned Check Fee: $30.00 per check

Lot Release Fee: $50.00

Close Out (Payoff) Fee: $100.00

Underlying Loan Payoff Fee: $100.00 (Per loan not serviced by Cascade)

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